Ethics & Value

'It's not the will to win, But
the will to prepare
to win that makes the difference.'

If we are to become the best HR consultancy in the world, we must deliver unique characteristics in our service and follow what we have promised. Over these years, we have been fully adhered to the following moral principles that are valued at the highest level in our organization.

  • We accept only those assignments that we believe we have the necessary competence to deliver successfully.
  • We keep our clients informed for any restrictions to our services to candidates and about any conflict of interests.
  • We will inform candidates objectively about the prospective position
  • We do not forward candidate profiles without their prior agreement and without having a word with them.
  • An employment contract is terminated by the candidate during the first three months activity without a just cause; we undertake a new search, without invoicing further fees on the equivalent salary.

Company Statistics

250+ Clients
From all over the world
100+ Associates
Associates from various domains globally
10+ Years
Well aware with the Global market & Unrivalled industry expert. / A journey full of experience
2 Locations
South Gujarat, India
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